Key Features

  • Integrated visible laser and auto-alignment
  • Detection range of up to 120m
  • Integrated user interface
  • Minimises nuisance alarms
  • Building movement tracking technology


The Fireray One is a standalone beam detector that prioritises ease of set-up. It does not require any specialist tools or knowledge for installation and operation. 

The Fireray One automatically aligns using an integrated user-interface. The user simply has to point the laser onto the reflector and the detector aligns itself. Everything can be done by one person. 

This beam detector prevents nuisance alarms with Light Cancellation TechnologyTM which compensates for artificial light sources. It is unaffected by building movement caused by buildings settling or flexing due to temperature variations thanks to Building Movement TrackingTM that continuously maintains alignment. 

The Fireray One uses contamination compensation to correct for gradual build-up of dust on optics and detectors can be easily cleaned without affecting alignment. 

These devices can be loop powered and have a detection range of up to 120 metres. 


The beam should be positioned as high as possible, but with a minimum distance of 0.3m/12” from Detector and Reflector to ceiling.

The correct reflector must be selected for each distance:

5m to 20m 

For distances from 5m to 20m, 1 reflector should be used with a short range mask.

20m to 50m 

For distances that are 20m to 50m, 1 reflector should be used.

55m to 120m 

For distances that are 55m to 120m, 4 reflectors should be used.


Fireray One will align in less than a minute if Fast Alignment is selected. However, if lower consumption during alignment is required, alignment can take up to 15 minutes.

The first stage of the process is to use the laser to get the infra-red beam close enough to the reflector so that Alignment can begin. This is done by simply using the direction keys to move the laser point on to the Reflector.

Once the laser is lined up, auto alignment can begin to automatically align the beam to the reflector. The status LEDs will flash to show the progress.

Once the alignment is completed successfully, the right-hand green LED will flash for 10 seconds and the fire and Fault relays will go to normal state. You are now ready to select Alarm Thresholds and Latching mode, and to test the Detector to ensure it is operating correctly.

Status Indication

Status indicators are positioned underneath the detector so that they are visible from ground level.

During normal operation, the Detector Status indicator will flash green every 10 seconds, and both Fire and Fault relays will be in their normal position. 

If the detector is in Fault state, its LED will flash amber every 10 seconds to indicate Signal High/Low Fault, every 5 seconds to indicate AGC/Compensation Fault, and every 3 seconds to indicate Internal Fault. 

If the detector is in Fire state, its LED will flash red every 5 seconds .

The Kit

The Fireray One Kit includes a Fireray One Base, a Fireray One Detector Head, a Reflector, a Short Range Mask and a User guide. 



Tech Specs

Detection range 0 to 50m  0 to 120m with Reflective Long Range Kit
Alignment methodLaser assisted, Auto-Alignment™. Manual alignment – optional setting
Optical wavelength – smoke detection850nm near infrared (invisible)
Integrated laser – laser alignment650nm visible. Class 3R <5mW
Alarm response threshold levels 25% (1.25dB) – Fastest response to smoke 35% (1.87dB) – Default value 55% (3.46dB) – High immunity to false alarms, slow response to smoke 85% (8.23dB) – Highest immunity to false alarms, slowest response to smoke Configured via the integrated user interface
Delay to Alarm10 seconds, for momentary partial obstruction of the beam path
Delay to Fault10 seconds, for momentary obstruction of the beam path
Operating voltage14 to 36 VDC
Operating current (constant) all operational modesAll operational modes – 5mAFast alignment mode – 33mA
Cable gauge and type2 core, dedicated, 0.5 to 1.6mm (24 to 14 AWG) System compatible with fireproof and non-fireproof cable meeting local installation standards
Cable entry3 knock-out locations capable of accepting M20, ½” or ¾” glands 4 drill-out locations capable of accepting glands up to 21mm diameter 
Operating temperature-20 to +55°C
Storage temperature-40 to +85°C
Relative humidity  (non-condensing or icing)0 to 93%
P ratingIP55
Housing flammability ratingUL94 V0 polycarbonate
WeightDetector – 0.7kgReflector – 0.1kg






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Fireray One Kit, 5-50m, UL Approved

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