Key Features

  • Fully compliant to BS8300:2009
  • Standalone system for one zone
  • Light grey finish
  • Blue LED “halo” braille-enhanced buttons
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK


An emergency assistance alarm is a device or system designed to alert others or summon help in case of an emergency situation. 

Building regulations require the installation of suitable emergency assistance alarm systems in areas such as disabled toilets. Crisis Assist Emergency Assistance Systems offer a comprehensive solution to provide support for individuals with disabilities or mobility challenges who need to request assistance.

Enabling quick response and assistance to individuals in need, Crisis Assist enhances safety and security by providing timely assistance and support during emergencies, helping to minimise risks and mitigate the impact of crisis situations.

The Crisis Assist Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit includes everything needed to create a remotely monitored disabled toilet alarm and includes: a 1 Zone Controller, an Over Door Plate, a Ceiling Pull Plate, a Cancel Plate and a Disabled WC sticker.

Crisis EVC Disabled Toilet Kits provide a BS8300 compliant accessible toilet solution including the “acknowledge” signalling required for remote locations. During an alert, the controller features audio and visual indication of an alarm. An integrated buzzer sounds and the unique blue “halo” indicator around the Accept button flashes for visual indication of a call. Once the staff member presses the braille-enhanced Accept button, the sounder is muted and the LED halo turns solid until the alarm is cancelled or reset at the origin of the alarm.

Typical Wiring Diagrams

Standard two-core cable suffices for all wiring needs, including speaker, bell wire, and Twin & Earth, ensuring ease of installation. What sets Crisis Assist apart is the absence of a fixed wiring order for devices, granting designers complete freedom in determining installation routes where the units can be wired in any order, ending with a 10K End Of Line resistor.

All items in the kit boast high-quality two-part terminals, suitable for 2.5mm CSA cable, ensuring durability and reliability. Additionally, optional backup batteries offer extended functionality, providing peace of mind in case of power outages.


Crisis Assist Standalone Wiring Diagram - 1 Line


Tech Specs


Building Regulations Approved Document M: 2010
Supply230VAC +- 10%
Battery BackupOptional 600mA NIMH Rechargeable Battery
CablingTwo core 0.4mm to 2.5mm CSA (max return resistance 10 Ohms)
Relay Output0V 1A NO Volt Free
Alarm Output50-80dBA
Dimensions (W x H)146mm x 86mm
Back Box Information35mm deep double gang flush or round corned metal surface box

Over Door Plate, Cancel Plate & Ceiling Pull Plate

Supply24VDC from Controller
CablingTwo core 0.4mm to 2.5mm CSA (max return resistance 10 Ohms)
Alarm OutputOver Door Plate: 80dBACancel Plate: 75dBACeiling Pull Plate: n/a
Dimensions (W x H)146mm x 86mm
Back Box Information25mm deep single gang flush back box orround corned metal surface box. A matching brushed stainless surface pattress is available.



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Crisis Assist Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit, 1 Line

Crisis Assist Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit, 1 Line

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