Key Features

  • Fully compliant to BS8300:2009
  • Remote indication of up to four zones
  • Light grey finish double gang plate
  • Blue LED “halo” braille-enhanced Accept button
  • Individually monitored lines with lamp test facility


All building owners carry the responsibility of ensuring the safety of everyone inside, particularly those with limited mobility. Building regulations mandate the installation of suitable emergency assistance alarm systems in specific areas, like accessible bathrooms, enabling users to seek aid if necessary.

Emergency Voice Communication (EVC) systems empower individuals to issue alerts or request assistance during emergencies, typically aiding those with disabilities or mobility challenges.

Among EVC systems, Crisis Assist stands out, offering building owners a fully compliant and adaptable solution with numerous advantages. These include clear signalling, audio and visual feedback, and sleek stainless steel finishes that seamlessly integrate into any environment.

Crisis Assist Disabled Toilet Alarm Controller, 4 Lines

The Crisis Assist Disabled Toilet Alarm Controller is designed to enable the continual monitoring of up to four lines, or zones, and allow the acceptance of assistance calls. 

The controller should be located in a permanently staffed area of the premises where assistance calls can be received and actioned as quickly as possible. The controller features an integrated buzzer for audio alert as well as a unique blue “halo” indicator around the Accept button which initially flashes for visual indication of a call; this then turns solid once accepted and the buzzer is muted.

Typical Wiring Diagrams

Standard two-core cable suffices for all wiring needs, including speaker, bell wire, and Twin & Earth, ensuring ease of installation. What sets Crisis Assist apart is the absence of a fixed wiring order for devices, granting designers complete freedom in determining installation routes where the units can be wired in any order, ending with a 10K End Of Line resistor.

Each of the four zones is monitored for open and short circuits, with any faults indicated by the zone indicator LED lighting up yellow. 

Furthermore, each zone comes equipped with a lamp test facility for individual monitoring. The unit boasts high-quality two-part terminals, compatible with 2.5mm CSA cable, ensuring durability and reliability. Additionally, an optional VRSLA rechargeable backup battery offers extended functionality, providing peace of mind in case of power outages.

The Crisis Assist Disabled Toilet Alarm Controller can be used to create a standalone EVC system when used with other Crisis Assist products, such as the Crisis Assist WC Kit, across a maximum of four lines. An alternative single line controller is also available.



Tech Specs

Building Regulations Approved Document M: 2010
CablingTwo core 0.4mm to 2.5mm CSA (max return resistance 10 Ohms)
Relay Output30V 1A NO Volt Free
Alarm Output50-80dBA
Dimensions (W x H)146mm x 86mm
Back Box Information25-35mm deep double gang flush or round corned metal surface box



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Crisis Assist Disabled Toilet Alarm Controller, 4 Lines