Key Features

  • Advanced graphical LCD user interface
  • Dedicated USB & RS232 serial port
  • Programmable push buttons
  • EN54-2:1997, EN54-4:1997 & EN54-13:2005
  • 3-year warranty


Advanced MxPro 5 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels are known and trusted for their exceptional performance, quality and ease of use. They are compatible with leading device brands and offer highly-adaptable features for maximum freedom and design flexibility.

They are provided with a single loop driver card, two onboard sounder circuits, twenty programmable zonal LEDs with slide-in LEDs and  twenty-five LEDs for information purposes. The panel also includes four programmable function buttons with LED indication. 

Advanced MxPro 5 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels use the latest dual-flash based microprocessor technology and a high-resolution, high-contrast LCD display with a tactile keypad to provide simple select and click programming and operation. 

Powerful cause-and-effect programming, dynamic zoning and enhanced trace diagnostics make Advanced MxPro 5 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels suitable for a wide range of large and small applications.  

They are fully programmable on-site via the built-in keyboard or using PC-NeT Configuration Software. There are also a number of windows-based software packages that have been developed which include configuration, service, logo and virtual panel tools.

By adding a network card, Advanced MxPro 5 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels can communicate with other MxPro 5 fire alarm panels, remote terminals or network peripherals such as IP GatewayTM, BMS or graphical interfaces via a true peer-to-peer network. 

Providing Loop Power & Full Addressability

Advanced MxPro 5 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels can provide power to up to 6 Wi-Fyre Xenos Translators per loop.



The Advanced MxPro 5 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels have VDS, FM, and Kitemark approvals. VDS certification ensures compliance with European standards, FM approval signifies adherence to rigorous American standards, and the Kitemark symbolises conformity to British safety standards.

Tech Specs

Base TechnologyDual flash-based processors with real-time clock, trace diagnostics, programmable language and character sets
DisplayWhite backlit 240 x 64 graphical LCD
LED Indicators22 red (1 x Fire, 1 x More Alarms, 20 x Zonal Programmable), 1 green (Power), 13 amber and 12 bi-colour (Fault & System)
ControlsAlpha numeric keypad permitting navigation, Reset, Mute, Silence, Resound, Evacuate, and 4 x programmable push buttons.
ProtocolApollo (XP95/Discovery), ArgusVega, Hochiki ESP & Nittan Evolution
Number of Fire Zones2000 (200 per individual panel)
Number of Loops1
Devices per LoopProtocol dependent
Loop Current500mA
On-Board Sounder Circuits2 x 1 Amp programmable
On-Board Relays2 x 1 Amp 30vAC/DC programmable (10mA, 5v min) – expandable to 4 using MXP-507
Auxiliary Supply1 x 24v 500mA
Programmable Input1 x monitored programmable input on-board
Programmable Key Switch Inputs1 x volt free input (standard enc.), 8 x inputs (M, L, D enc.)
Total Available Output Current3A maximum available for loop current + sounder outputs + auxiliary supply
Mains Supply200-240v 47-63HzAC (+10%, -15% tolerance) 1.0A Max
Charger Current1A temperature compensated
Serial Port1x on-board RS232 connection for PC, modem, IP, or portable printer
USB Interface1 x USB-B type connection for PC communication
ProgrammingOn-board keypad or PC running Windows tools
EventLog5000 event & diagnostic + 500 fire
NetworkingOptional plug-in network card (MXP-503-standard, or MXP-509-fault-tolerant)
Printer (optional)On-board (M, L, D enclosures only)
Enclosure/ColourSteel IP30/RAL7035
Metalwork OptionsFlushing bezel, battery box, utility enclosure, termination enclosure and rack mount



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Advanced MxPro 5 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

MxPro 5 1 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel, Argus Vega, 1 Loop Card

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