Key Features

  • Installer friendly Auto-learn, Loop Detection and Onboard Scope facilities
  • Graphical display configurable for virtually any language
  • Fully programmable via onboard keypad or PC configuration tools
  • Integral ‘P-Bus’ for system expansion via available option cards
  • Approved to BS EN54 part 2, 4 and 13


Advanced MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels are expandable from 1 to 2 loops and are supplied with 2 onboard sounder circuits, 20 programmable zonal LEDs with slide-in labels and 25 system LEDs for information purposes. 

The Advanced MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel uses the latest dual flash-based microprocessor technology and has a high-resolution, high-contrast graphical LCD display and 4 programmable function buttons with LED indication for confirmation of operation. A tactile, alphanumeric keypad provides a simple select and click programming aid for engineer configuration and end-user operation. 

Powerful cause-and-effect programming and enhanced trace diagnostics make the Advanced MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Panel suitable for a wide range of applications from small to large, complex multi-area systems.

The Advanced MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel can be programmed onsite using the onboard keypad or via PC-Net configuration software. 

An extensive suite of user-friendly Windows-based PC software programs provides a number of different programmes to include a configuration, service, logo and virtual panel tool to allow the flexibility of the equipment to be fully explored.

Adding a network card allows the Advanced MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel to communicate with any other MxPro 5 panel, remote terminal or network peripheral,such as ‘ipGateway™’ or BMS/Graphical Interface. The network operates as a true peer-to-peer system and can be configured in a fault-tolerant loop or radial format.

Advanced MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels are fully compatible with Wi-Fyre Xenos.


Providing Loop Power & Full Addressability

Advanced MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panels can provide power to up to 6 Wi-Fyre Xenos Translators per loop.



Tech Specs

Base TechnologyDual flash-based processors with real-time clock, trace diagnostics, programmable languages and character sets
DisplayWhite backlit 240 x 64 graphical LCD
LED Indicators22 red (1 x Fire, 1 x More Alarms, 20 x Zonal Programmable), 1 green (Power), 13 amber and 12 bi-colour (Fault & System)
Controls ProtocolsAlpha numeric keypad permitting Navigation, Reset, Mute, Silence, Resound, Evacuate, and 4 x programmable push buttons)
ProtocolsApollo (Xp95 / Discovery), Argus Vega, Hochiki ESP
Number of Fire Zones2000 (200 per individual panel)
Number of LoopsDedicated 1-2 loop control panel
Devices per loopProtocol dependent control panel
Loop Current500mA per loop
On-Board Sounder Circuits panel2 x 1 Amp programmable panel
On-Board Relays2 x 1 Amp 30v AC/DC programmable (10mA, 5v min) – expandable to 4 using MXP-507
Auxiliary Supply1 x 24v 500mA
Programmable Input1 x monitored programmable input on-board
Programmable Key Switch Input8 volt free input switch
Total Available Output Current5A maximum available for loop current + sounder outputs + auxiliary supplyP-507
Mains Supply200 – 240v 47-63 Hz AC (+10%, -15% tolerance) 1.4A max
Charger Current2A temperature compensated
Serial ports1 x On-board RS232 connection for PC, modem, IP, or portable printer
USB Interface1 x USB B type connection for PC communication
ProgrammingOn-board keypad or PC running Windows toolsion
Event Log5000 event & diagnostic + 500 fire
NetworkingOptional plug in Network Card (MXP-503 – Standard, or MXP-509 – Fault-Tolerant)
Enclosure / ColourSteel IP30 / RAL7035
Metalwork OptionsFlushing bezel, battery box, utility enclosure, termination enclosure and rack mount
Dimensions H x W x D (mm)Standard: 345 x 430 x 120
Large: 475 x 450 x 120
Large-Deep: 475 x 450 x 190
Cable Entry (20mm knockouts)Standard: 13 x top, 8 x rear 2x bottom
Large: 19x top, 11x rear, 2x bottom
Large-Deep: 30x top, 11x rear, 3x bottom
Battery Capacity (internal)Standard: 24v 4Ah – 24v, 12Ah
Large: 24v 4Ah – 24v, 18Ah
Large-Deep: 24v 4Ah – 24v, 45Ah



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MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel, Argus Vega, 1 Loop Card


MxPro 5 1-2 Loop Addressable Fire Alarm Panel, Argus Vega, 2 Loop Cards