Wireless Fire Detection



Wireless fire detection technology provides a host of advantages over its more traditional, wired counterpart. It delivers a reliable, easy-to-install, battery powered solution for temporary or permanent applications that can be deployed very quickly. The very fact that it is wire-free eliminates the need for lengthy cable runs, allowing it to be installed with little to no disruption to property. All this leads to much faster installation time, thus providing significant savings.

There are a variety of different wireless fire detection solutions available, such as temporary systems designed for use in applications such as building sites, systems that are developed to coexist with and form part of new or existing hardwired fire alarm installations and systems that have been produced to provide a completely wireless solution for permanent fixtures.

Modern wireless fire alarm systems communicate via a secure wireless connection to provide a fire alarm system that delivers reliable, safe and continuous detection.

Typical Applications

Wireless fire detection systems can provide efficient and reliable fire detection solutions for a wide range of applications. These include:

  • Education
  • Government & Public
  • Healthcare
  • Heritage
  • Industrial
  • Information Technology
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Residential

Why Choose Eurofyre?

Eurofyre was established in 2007 with an ambition to provide the highest level of service. Since then, Eurofyre has manufactured and delivered an abundance of fire detection solutions, including wireless fire alarm systems.
Complete System Supplier
Eurofyre manufactures and supplies all aspects of fire detection and its associated safety products, including wireless detection systems, and can provide expert advice and consultation.
Demonstration and Training
We offer demonstrations and expert training on a range of systems, including Wi-Fyre wireless fire alarm systems, in our very own sophisticated training facility.
After-Sales Support
Eurofyre offers both on-site and telephone support to assist you in ensuring that your system is fully functional and operating at maximum efficiency. Our after-sales care and support are second to none.
Wireless Survey Support
Wireless surveys are essential in ensuring that signal between devices is strong enough for the system to function. Eurofyre supports this process by providing wireless survey kits and extensive technical advice to support the process.
Technical Support
Eurofyre offers both on-site and remote support to assist you in ensuring that your system is fully functional and operating at maximum efficiency. Our after-sales care and support are second to none. We can also provide on-site services such as commissioning and maintenance assistance.

The Wi-Fyre Range

Wi-Fyre Wireless Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre wireless fire detection provides a flexible choice for wireless detection integration and control. Wi-Fyre is designed for use as a hybrid detection solution that enables hardwired and wireless detection technology to coexist as part of the same detection system.

It can be used as part of a new fire detection solution or to upgrade, extend or replace elements of an existing hardwired installation. This provides the system designer with the freedom to use wireless devices in situations where cabling may be too expensive or too disruptive or where speed of installation is a priority.

Wi-Fyre Xenos Wireless Fire Detection

Wi-Fyre Xenos is a completely new protocol, wireless network and range of high-performance detection, control and alarm devices. The Xenos software provides the most simple and intuitive way to install, commission and maintain your Xenos system.

Wi-Fyre Xenos delivers unprecedented fire detection performance, application scale and superior reliability and is well suited to both small-medium or large sites, supporting up to 128 devices on a single translator.

It uses Mesh Expander Technology to ensure exceptional system reliability in every environment, processing across sixty communication channels. Xenos is energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly too.