Thermography Detection



Challenging working environments with high levels of smoke and dust can pose significant difficulties for traditional smoke and fire detectors. These conditions are commonly found in places like waste management sites and food processing facilities, making it challenging to detect fire threats while also leading to frequent false alarms that disrupt business operations. This is where Thermography Detection technology comes into play. It offers continuous monitoring of heat signatures, remaining unaffected by the harsh environmental conditions. Consequently, it provides a reliable and early warning system for potential fire threats, enabling timely action to prevent danger, damage, disruption, and downtime.

In many operational settings, fire risks manifest in various forms and at different temperature levels. Different flammable materials may coexist in one area, each with distinct ignition temperatures. The environment itself may have high or fluctuating temperatures, and external factors like the arrival of a delivery vehicle can trigger nuisance alarms due to temperature spikes. These complexities make early detection a challenging task. Thermography Detection technology is purpose-built for environments and applications of this nature, ensuring the protection of workers, premises, and business continuity.

Typical Applications

Thermography Detection is well suited for the below applications:

  • Waste Management and Recycling Sites

  • Food and Drink Processing Plants

  • Industrial Sites

  • Transportation and Tunnels

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