FyreLine Digital End Of Line (EOL) & Test Switch


Key Features

  • Improved testing and maintenance functionality
  • Single or dual digital LHD cable/zones for individual monitoring and testing
  • IP65 rating
  • Anti-tamper enclosure to avoid deliberate false alarms
  • Simple installation


FyreLine Digital End of Line Units with Incorporated Fitted Test Switch are suitable for use with FyreLine Digital linear heat detections systems, can monitor up to two LHD cables or zones and offer hassle-free functional testing of the system.

End of Line (EOL) units are used together with Interface modules to terminate linear heat detection cable and contain the appropriate EOL component or device. This allows the module used to monitor the linear heat detection system for any open circuit fault conditions.

FyreLine EOL units go one step further. Thanks to their carefully designed printed circuit board, FyreLine EOL units incorporate a test switch that allows the user to simulate trouble, fault and alarm conditions. Using the fitted test switch, users can verify normal conditions, trouble/fault conditions and alarm functions by simulating a break in the cable or an overheat condition. 

FyreLine EOL units are easy to install and provide an anti-tamper enclosure with an IP65 rating.

Tech Specs

System CompatibilityFyreLine Digital LHD
Cable/Zone Inputs1 or 2
Functional Tests*Trouble/Fault *Alarm
*The user is able to simulate individual tests for each LHD cable/zone.
Enclosure Ambient Temperature-25°C to 40°C (-13°F to 104°F)
24hrs: 35°C (95°F)
HumidityMaximum relative humidity at 25°C/77°F (short term): 95%
Maximum relative humidity at 40°C/104°F: 50%
Dimensions (W x H x D)94 x 94 x 57mm