DTSX1 Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection


The DTSX1 Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection system offers innovation in linear temperature sensing technology, revolutionising the way temperature is detected, particularly in industrial applications. Unlike traditional heat sensing methods, the DTSX1 employs Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) which is a type of linear heat detection whereby the fibre optic cable itself is the heat sensing element, capable of providing near-pinpoint locations and temperature accuracy across long distances.

DTSX1 Advantages

With few operating parts, the DTSX1 is a cost-effective option for large areas requiring close monitoring where numerous sensors and wiring may otherwise be required. As it has no mechanical elements, the fibre optic cable is not subject to breakdowns or wear and tear, it’s only if the cable is damaged by external force that a damaged section needs to be replaced.
A key feature is the rapid detection of fire over a very wide area – it’s possible to install a single cable up to 16 kilometres in length with 5 seconds minimum measurement time, and the DTSX1 Fiber Optic LHD Controller can monitor up to four 16km routes. Due to the speed of light and low-interference with the signals required for operation, thousands of temperature measurements over many kilometres of cable are precise, efficient and quickly identifiable.
Isolated from high electromagnetic noise
Unlike traditional electrical sensors, innovative DTS technology is also resistant to electromagnetic interference, ensuring accurate measurements in high-noise environments.

What is DTSX1?

A DTSX1 system consists of a central Fiber Optic LHD Controller and up to 4 Fiber Optic Cables. Similar in principle to traditional linear heat detection (of a fixed temperature detection type), it excels in heat sensing ability to allow for longer-distance measurement and a wider temperature range. 

The DTSX1 uses a light scattering principle. A pulse of light is sent down the cable and the refractions are measured to provide temperature and distance readings. As the light travels it is scattered by the glass molecules and exchanges energy with lattice vibrations which produce either short or longer wavelength signals. The intensity ratio of these two signals depends on the temperature at the location where the scatter is produced; careful monitoring and measuring of these ratios allow a temperature difference to be recorded and, crucially, the amount of light scattered back down the cable to the light source allows for accurate location of the alert condition.

The DTSX1 can accurately detect multiple hotspot locations simultaneously and sound the alarm at various presets to protect important assets before rising temperatures result in a fire.

Typical Applications

The DTSX1 finds extensive use in:

Fire Detection

Where traditional sensor technology may fail to provide early warning of fire due to the environmental conditions such as dust, humidity, heat and corrosion, the DTSX1 LHD system can detect fire under the most extreme conditions.

Long distance applications where DTSX1 excels include:

  • Critical tunnels
  • Underground or overground pipelines
  • Conveyor belts
  • Cable trays
  • Expansive industrial plants such as nuclear facilities, mining and refinery

Power Monitoring

Because of its immunity to electromagnetic interference, DTSX1 is ideal for high voltage, high noise environments and can be successfully deployed to monitor and optimise power transmission and distribution. Infrastructure is maintained and protected by monitoring thermal dynamics and power grid operators can maximise capacity and avoid damage by maintaining optimal power currents, quickly identifying hot spots along the entire grid. Examples include: 

  • Underground power cables
  • Subsea power cables
  • Overhead power lines
  • Distribution station
  • Substations

Temperature Abnormalities

In addition, DTSX1 can also be used to monitor for temperature abnormalities for early indication of pre-alarm states that require timelyearly intervention in critical industrial processes including: 

  • Blast furnace monitoring
  • Drying furnace monitoring
  • LNG leak detection
  • Well monitoring

DTSX1 Fiber Optic LHD Controller

The DTSX1 Fiber Optic LHD Controller is capable of detecting high heat over a wide area quickly and precisely. Incorporating a heat detection function in a single box, the DTSX1 can be used as a heat detector immediately by simply connecting the fibre optic cable. The alarm display and sound can be individually configured to suit your specific requirements and applications, enabling rapid detection and identification of heat alarm conditions.

  • Enhanced heat sensing capabilities compared to traditional linear heat detectors.
  • Long-distance measurement and wider temperature range coverage.
  • Compliance with European fire detection certification standards (EN 54-22).

DTSX Fiber Optic LHD Cable

DTSX Fiber Optic Armoured LHD Cable is compatible for use with DTSX1 Fiber Optic linear heat detection systems. Available in 2, 4, 6 and 8 kilometre lengths, the cable benefits from a double-layer stainless steel inner tube encasing a gel-filled core through which two fibre optic cables run. Sheathed in a FRNC halogen-free and flame-retardant outer jacket, the cable is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures ranging from -25° to +70°C.


The DTSX1 linear heat detection system is also compliant with EN 54-22, a European standard that outlines rules and tests for fire detection systems using linear heat detectors. Being EN 54-22 certified means these systems meet strict European safety standards for fire alarms, giving assurance that they’re reliable and effective in keeping people and property safe from fires.

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