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Aspirating Smoke Detection Pipe & Fittings

A key element in the performance of an aspirating smoke detection system is the network of specially designed air sampling pipe that constantly and efficiently transports air from the protected areas, back to a high sensitivity smoke detector such as the ILS-1 or the VESDA Laser FOCUS.

Why Eurofyre?

Eurofyre, the UK distributor for the Xtralis ICAM range, has many technical advantages. One of which is being able to provide assistance with air sampling pipe design to make sure a well-designed pipework system has been provided and installed correctly. This makes Eurofyre a complete solution for aspirating smoke detection systems. From the technical help, to the supply of aspirating smoke detectors, pipe, fittings and accessories, Eurofyre can help you to save you time and cost.

Eurofyre’s Pipe and Fittings

Our pipe and fittings range has been manufactured to comply with the requirements of BS5391 Part 1, EN 61386-1 and the new EN54 Part 20 and is produced using ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) which has the most suitable physical properties for aspirating smoke detection, optimising performance with tensile strength, chemical resistance, ductility, weather-ability, heat-stability and process-ability.

Our wide range of pipe and fittings has a metric standard of 25mm external diameter; however, we also stock ¾”. For retro-fit installations, imperial to metric conversion adaptors can be provided, which have been designed to work with any low pressure aspirating smoke detection system.

To identify its service as ‘fire’, the standard colour for aspirating pipework is red. However, we recognise that red is not always the colour of choice when it comes down to aspects such as aesthetics, therefore we also stock white and grey pipe, fittings and accessories.

Eurofyre’s pipe and fittings range has been specially developed to work with a wide range of aspirating smoke detection systems including Eurofyre, ICAM, VESDA, Xtralis.

As well as from pipe and fittings we stock a wide range of accessories such as capillary air sampling kits, air sampling fittings, in-line filters and flexible tube. We also offer the fully addressable VESDA-E VEA Aspirating Smoke Detector that can protect up to 40 areas. The VEA uses a slightly different technique to low-pressure aspirating smoke detectors such the VESDA Laser Compact. Instead of the standard 25mm or ¾” air sampling pipe, the VEA uses up to a single 100 meter length of 6mm microbore pipe for each port. The advantage of this technique is that there are no joints which, in theory, creates less problems in the installation of an aspirating smoke detection system. The 6mm microbore pipe is also very flexible unlike a rugged ABS 25mm air sampling pipe.