Detection System Installed in National Trust Property


We recently supplied a Wi-Fyre wireless detection system for a historic, water-powered corn mill owned by the National Trust.

Clyston Mill

Clyston Mill is a historic, water-powered corn mill located in Broadclyst, a village and civil parish just north-east of Exeter in Devon, England. Clyston Mill is situated in a picturesque setting by the River Clyst and is surrounded by farmlands and orchards. Grain is still ground at this working mill, keeping traditional skills alive.

Why the Fire Alarm System was Chosen

When selecting the right fire detection system for Clyston Mill a Wi-Fyre wireless system seemed the obvious choice. It’s wireless connectivity meant installation was possible without causing any disruption to the property and that the system was simple and effective to survey.

The Fire Alarm System

The fire detection system that was supplied was made up of the following pieces of equipment:

  • Wi-Fyre LCD TransponderThe Wi-Fyre LCD Transponder has been designed to communicate with up to 30 mixed field devices such as smoke and heat detectors, sounders, flashers and other input/output devices.
  • ProFyre C8 Conventional Control PanelThe ProFyre C8 is a compact, fully-featured and cost effective conventional fire alarm panel. It is housed in a stylish plastic enclosure and has a fully removable front providing excellent access during installation and commission.
  • Wi-Fyre Wireless Optical DetectorsThe Wi-Fyre Optical Smoke Detector is composed of a ProFyre optical smoke detector combined with a Wi-Fyre Wireless base. The Wi-Fyre optical smoke detector operates on the light scatter principle.
  • Wi-Fyre Wireless SoundersWall or ceiling mountable, Wi-Fyre sounders are available in either a white or red finish and offer 8 user selectable tones.
  • Wi-Fyre Wireless Sounder/FlasherThe Wi-Fyre sounder/flasher combines the 8 selectable tones of the Wi-Fyre wireless sounder with visual flashing LED indication and is also available in either a white or red finish.
  • Wi-Fyre Wireless Manual Call PointThe Wi-Fyre manual call point has a unique operating element that mimics the feel of breaking glass whilst providing the benefit of being completely resettable.

About Wi-Fyre

Wi-Fyre is a new development from Eurofyre Ltd, and has been designed to allow seamless integration between wired and wireless devices. The Wi-Fyre conventional system has been designed to be compatible with most diode and non-diode based conventional panels and field devices whilst at the same time allowing wireless field devices to share the fault monitoring capabilities of the conventional control panel.

If you have any questions about any of the products available from Wi-Fyre please do not hesitate to get in touch.