Using Wi-Fyre with an existing analogue addressable fire alarm system


Analogue addressable fire alarm systems differ from conventional fire alarm systems in many ways, principally by providing improved flexibility and control.

An analogue addressable fire alarm system is mostly specified for use in larger properties, where detailed information such as device location, status and intelligent cause and effects are required.

One advantage an analogue addressable type system has over a conventional fire alarm system is that detection and alarm devices can be combined on the same loop circuit, significantly reducing cable length and, of course, installation time.

Why Wi-Fyre is extremely useful for inclusion with an existing analogue addressable fire alarm system

The flexibility, installation time and simple configuration of a Wi-Fyre system is what makes it a useful addition to any analogue addressable fire alarm system. In a situation where perhaps a manufacturer has out grown their assembly area and has extended the property, but does not want to add additional wiring to the current analogue addressable fire alarm system or cause any disruption to the operation of the business, Wi-Fyre can help achieve the desired goals while adhering to any design specifications.

A Wi-Fyre transponder can be added to any analogue addressable fire alarm system as long as the installer can access the existing loop cabling at a convenient location and a compatible zone monitor and sounder circuit controller are available. Wireless devices can then be connected to the transponder (provided that signal strength is acceptable) without causing disruption to the loop. The wireless device will then report any zone alarms or faults back to the alarm panel.

The advantages of using Wi-Fyre over hard-wired device additions are:

  • No disruption to building fabric
  • Minimal disruption to occupants
  • Fast installation time (usually the same day)
  • Minimal additional wiring (may require a 24V power source)
  • Simple configuration

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