Product of the Month – Xtralis ICAM IAS Aspirating Smoke Detector


November’s product of the month is the ICAM IAS aspirating smoke detector from Xtralis. This diverse aspirating smoke detector is suited to a range of applications and can provide early and reliable warning of fire.

The ICAM IAS combines standard field-serviceable smoke detectors with a stand-alone air sampling solution. Air is actively drawn through discreet sampling points from the protected area and delivered to the sampling chamber via a network of aspirating pipe. The sampled air is then  analysed by conventional or analogue point detectors.

Xtralis’ ICAM IAS detectors are reliable, weatherproof, rugged and easy to install.


ICAM IAS detectors do not require special tools or software to configure and can be be configured for a number of detection strategies including; single or dual addressable area detection,  redundant detection, multi-criteria detection and coincident or double-knock detection.

These detectors can be easily integrated with existing fire alarm systems and can be linked with any existing fire alarm control panel.

Typical Applications

ICAM IAS detectors provide the ideal smoke detection solution for a host of different applications such as areas that are environmentally demanding or areas that are difficult to access, for instance:

  • Ceiling or floor voids
  • Wet and/or dusty environments
  • Lift or elevator shafts
  • Locked areas such as prison cells
  • Hosedown areas such as food preparation or pharmaceutical areas

With their discreet nature ICAM IAS detectors are also well suited to aesthetically or architecturally restricted properties, such as heritage buildings or museums and libraries, where small sampling points can be easily concealed.

Key Features

Xtralis ICAM IAS aspirating smoke detectors offer a number of features, including:

  • An IP65 enclosure
  • Multiple detection strategies
  • Single or dual channel fire detection
  • High fan capacity
  • An integral display and programmer
  • Field serviceable air filters
  • Adjustable aspirator speeds with airflow monitoring


All aspirating smoke detectors in the ICAM IAS range are EN54-20 classified, carry the CE mark and are approved by both CPD and VdS.

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