ProFyre C8 Conventional Fire Alarm Panel


This month’s product of the month is the ProFyre C8 Conventional Alarm Panel – a compact, yet fully featured fire alarm panel.

The ProFyre C8 is available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 zone versions and is the perfect solution for systems that necessitate uncomplicated alarm management and ease of use. Housed in a sleek plastic enclosure that can be surface or semi-recess mounted the C8 suits any application.


The front panel is fully removable to provide unrestricted access to the internal electronics which are mounted on a single, removable printed circuit board. This provides safe installation at any stage without the risk of damaging internal electronics and controls. User controls and programming features are accessed using an integral keypad and a one-man test option provides easy verification.


The Profyre C8 Conventional Fire Alarm Panel is complemented by a complete range of ProFyre conventional field devices and can cater for up to 32 devices per zone. Up to 4 conventional sounder circuits are available with a provided sounder delay option and head removal monitoring.

Key Features

  • Sounder Delay
    A delay between the panel detecting a fire and triggering its external sounders can be set up, allowing the responsible person to check the cause of the alarm. This gives time to reset the panel in the event of a false alarm and avoid unnecessary action such as evacuation. If the cause of the alarm is genuine then the delay can be overridden and the sounder will be activated immediately.
  • Head Removal Monitoring
    Head removal monitoring is present to detect unauthorised removal of detector heads.
  • Disablement Functions
    Disablement functions for zones are available to suit prevailing conditions, allowing areas at risk of false alarm to be excluded during the risk period.
  • Fault Monitoring
    The C8 monitors itself, and any equipment connected to it, for any faults that can occur. In the event of a fault the panel activates an internal sounder and a fault light.
  • One Man Test
    To help commissioning and assist routine maintenance checks, a non-latching ‘One Man Test’ facility is included in the panel. When a detector or manual call point is triggered in any zone the alarm sounders operate for approximately 5 seconds on and 5 seconds off until the cause of the alarm is removed.

To summarise, the ProFyre C8 provides the ideal solution for small/medium installations. It is easy to install, maintain and operate. Features to reduce risk of false alarm and to monitor faults and unauthorised head removal make the C8 highly cost effective.

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