Merry Christmas from Eurofyre – 2020


What a year! 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone with COVID-19 forcing us to revise the way we work in order to keep our staff and customers safe. Fortunately, Eurofyre has been able to adapt quickly and avoid too much disruption to the service we offer.

We hope, as we are sure everyone else does, that things will soon be back to normal, but we are confident that we are now in a position to deal with anything that is thrown at us and strive to continue to deliver the same high-level of service that our customers have grown to expect from us. Reaching this position has included expanding the Eurofyre workforce to meet increasing demands.

Key Dates

This year, the Eurofyre office will close at 12pm on Tuesday 22nd of December and will reopen as normal on Monday 4th January. Please make sure that all orders for delivery this year (including e-Commerce orders) are placed before 1pm on Monday 21st December. Any orders placed after this deadline will be processed when we return in January.

Closed12:00pm on 22nd December 2019
Reopen8:15am on 4th January 2020
Last orders for delivery before 3rd January will need to be placed by 2pm on 19th December.

2020 Roundup

Despite our attention being focussed on staying safe and operating a COVID-secure business, we have still been able to press forward with new developments and will have some exciting new products to introduce early next year.

Crisis Emergency Voice Communication System

Crisis Emergency Voice Communication Group

Earlier this year, we launched our Crisis Emergency Voice Communication System (EVCs). An EVCs provides two-way communication between the emergency services and persons inside a building that need assistance with evacuation.

EVCs usually consist of a master station, fire telephones, disabled refuge points and assistance alarms, all of which are available in the Crisis range of products.

Crisis allows all these common components to operatie on one signal network providing significant cost savings against separate systems. Crisis Emergency Voice Communication Systems are easy to install, maintain and operate and are designed to comply with the requirements of BS5839-9:2011 for use as a fire telephone system (FT), disabled refuge system (DRS) or as a combined system when both fire telephones and disabled refuge call points are required.

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Banshee Sounders

Banshee Sounder Group

This year, we also added the Banshee Excel range of sounders to our portfolio of conventional fire alarm equipment. There are three types of conventional sounders in the Banshee Excel range: the Banshee Excel Conventional Sounder; the Banshee Excel Lite Conventional Sounder with LED Beacon; and the Banshee Excel Lite Conventional Sounder with Xenon Indicator.

All sounders in the Banshee range are housed in sleek and stylish enclosures and are available in a selection of colours. They are also all available with an ingress protection rating of either IP66 or IP45. All sounders in the Banshee range are approved to BS EN54-3.

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Sensepoint In-Line Gas Detectors

Sensepoint XCL In-Line Gas Detectors are designed to integrate with any microbore or large bore aspirating smoke detection system to deliver greater coverage, increased design flexibility and superior detection of harmful gases. They are capable of detecting a wide range of gases to support almost any application. They have an integral alarm status LED and multiple output options. They also have field replaceable gas sensor cartridges, making maintenance quick and easy.

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Lithium Ion Battery Rack Monitoring

Typical li-ion battery rack with Li-Tamer Detection

The Li-ion Tamer is a brand new, game changing lithium ion (Li-ion) battery pack monitoring system from Xtralis. Lithium ion batteries are becoming increasingly popular. However, if not installed and treated correctly, they can “off-gas” leading to severe overheating, eventually leading to fire.

The Li-ion Tamer is a rack monitor gas detection solution that enhances the safety of Li-ion batteries. It can provide an early alert to off-gas events that occur in the early stages of failure well in advance of traditional detectors allowing events to be dealt with quickly before any harm is caused.

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Futureproof Training Facilities

Eurofyre has spent part of the last year upgrading its training facilities to accommodate the ‘new normal’.  As such, we have invested in camera technology to be able to offer remote training to our customers.

Moving into 2021 and What to Expect from Eurofyre

ProFyre Panel Teaser Group

We have some exciting new products that we plan to introduce next year, including a new range of EN454 Approved Profyre fire alarm control panels.

We will also be working hard to ensure that we can deliver our usual high-standards of service once the UK officially leaves the EU and new import and export regulations are in force.

Merry Christmas

We would like to take this opportunity to give a big “Thank You” to all that have supported us throughout the last year. We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and a happy New Year – we look forward to continuing to work together in 2021!