Linear Heat Detection for Toxic or Fuel Waste Drum Storage


Drums, or barrels, are often used to store liquids for transport or storage. Drums are typically made from plastic or steel and can contain anything from whisky and beer to crude oil, fuels and toxic waste.

Toxic or fuel waste storage drums are usually stored upright and can be stacked on top of one another.

Due to the flammable nature of fuel or toxic waste, it is important that drums are not only stored safely and correctly but with a suitable fire detection system in place too.

What are the risks?

If the flammable materials stored in containers overheat or come into contact with an ignition source, the consequences could be devastating. If one of the stored drums ignites, it could cause an explosion, set fire to surrounding drums and cause significant damage to the storage facility and its personnel. Therefore, fast, accurate and reliable heat detection is essential to ensure that any fire or overheat events can be located and dealt with quickly.

What is the solution?

FyreLine Linear heat detection can provide the perfect solution for keeping stored drums safe from fire. Heat sensing cable can be placed around the drums and can detect an increase in temperature anywhere along its length. Linear heat detection is capable of providing an accurate location of any fire or overheating event, enabling any incidents to be dealt with promptly.

FyreLine Linear Heat Detection

FyreLine Analogue Group Shot

Eurofyre’s FyreLine linear heat detection system is available in either fixed temperature (digital) or analogue versions.

FyreLine Digital Linear Heat Detection

FyreLine Digital offers fixed heat detection at temperatures of 68°C, 88°C, 105°C or 185°C. Once FyreLine Digital’s heat sensing cable reaches its rated temperature, a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel.

FyreLine Analogue Linear Heat Detection

FyreLine Analogue heat detection constantly monitors for changes in temperature. Once the cable reaches its specified pre-defined temperature, a signal is sent to the fire alarm control panel. A pre-alarm threshold can also be set, allowing potential fires to be investigated and dealt with. This also helps to reduce nuisance alarms.

Using FyreLine Linear Heat Detection for Fuel and Toxic Waste Drums

There are two methods that can be used to install linear heat sensing cable in a drum storage area:

Directly Over the Drum

Linear Heat Detection for Oil Drums - Direct

Linear heat sensing can be laid over the top of the drums. The cable must be pulled taut at 15-metre intervals and held in place by strain relief fittings.

Serpentine Fashion

Linear Heat Detection for Oil Drums - Serpentine Fashion

Heat sensing cable can be laid in a serpentine fashion, weaving the cable through and around a row of drums. This should be done at every level of drums, stacked or palletised, to ensure maximum response time to overheating or fire events. To calculate the length of cable required for this method, multiply the length of the drum rows to be protected by 1.25.

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