Li-ion Tamer – Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) Off-Gas Detection


A lithium-ion battery energy storage system (BESS) is a technology that stores electrical energy using lithium-ion cells. These cells are commonly found in various common devices like smartphones and laptops. However, they also offer high energy density, longer cycle life, and efficient energy storage in larger applications, such as renewable energy installations and electric vehicles.

These systems allow the capture of excess electricity when demand is low and release it when demand is high, aiding in balancing the electrical grid and supporting renewable energy integration. Lithium-ion battery storage systems play a crucial role in advancing sustainable energy solutions and enhancing grid stability.

What are the Risks?

Thermal Runaway
Lithium-ion batteries in Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) can experience cell rupture or thermal runaway. A single cell failure can lead to a chain reaction, causing overheating, fire, and potentially an explosion.
Overcharging and Over Discharging
If not properly managed, overcharging or over discharging lithium-ion batteries can cause internal damage, leading to thermal runaway and fire.
Manufacturing Defects
Poorly manufactured battery cells or modules can have internal defects that increase the likelihood of internal short circuits or thermal events, ultimately leading to fires.
External Factors
Extreme temperatures, especially high ambient temperatures, can cause lithium-ion batteries to overheat. Additionally, exposure to water or humidity can compromise the integrity of the battery and increase the risk of fire.
Physical Damage and Impact
Physical damage to battery cells or modules, such as from accidents or improper handling, can compromise their integrity. Even minor damage can lead to internal short circuits and thermal runaway.

What are the Challenges?

Designing a fire detection system for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) presents several challenges due to the unique characteristics of lithium-ion batteries and the complex environment. Some challenges include:

Early Fire Detection
Detecting fires in BESS early is crucial to prevent catastrophic events. However, lithium-ion battery fires can develop rapidly due to thermal runaway. Designing a system that can detect the initial stages of a fire before it escalates is challenging.
False Alarms
BESS environments can experience temperature fluctuations, humidity changes, and other variables that might trigger false alarms. Distinguishing between actual fire incidents and false alarms caused by these factors is a significant challenge.
Battery Variability
Lithium-ion cells can vary in their chemical composition and behaviour. Designing a fire detection system that accounts for the variability in battery types, sizes, and characteristics while maintaining accuracy is complex.
Integration with Battery Management Systems (BMS)
A reliable fire detection system should be integrated with the BESS’s Battery Management System (BMS).
Harsh Environment
BESS installations can be situated in challenging environments such as industrial settings or remote locations. These environments can have high levels of dust, humidity, temperature fluctuations, and potential electromagnetic interference, which can affect the performance of fire detection sensors and systems.

What is the Solution?

Li-ion Tamer Gen 3 is an advanced safety solution designed to mitigate risks associated with lithium-ion battery energy storage systems. It employs innovative technology to detect thermal runaway events, preventing fires and explosions.

Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 effectively notifies users about initial indications of deteriorating lithium-ion batteries (LIBs). It achieves this by identifying the emission of battery electrolyte vapours during the off-gas phase of failure. This enables facility managers to take action in response to potential thermal runaway incidents at the initial signs of malfunction.

Moreover, this distinctive detection technology offers temperature and humidity readings at multiple points, enhancing environmental management and overall situational awareness across various applications. Its high scalability further establishes it as an economical choice suitable for installations of modular, containerised, and extensive lithium-ion battery setups.

The Benefits

Early Warning
Advanced algorithms provide the earliest detection of Lithium-ion battery off-gassing to allow early intervention of catastrophic thermal runaway events.
Increased System Visibility
Fast and simple configuration and monitoring via user interface software reduces commissioning and setup costs.
Lower Maintenance Cost
Calibration-free detection with extended product lifetime reduces overall cost of ownership and maintenance.
Enhanced Environmental Monitoring
Temperature and humidity detection at each detection node provides granular environmental monitoring of the protected space.
Improved Event Data Logging
Increased storage capabilities of the controller gather extensive event logging for more insight during post-event evaluation.

System Architecture

Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 provides a versatile solution capable of adapting to a range of lithium-ion battery systems. It can be used to provide an early warning of Lithium-ion battery failure in even the smallest of applications and can be scaled to accommodate extremely large systems. In a standard setup, a Li-ion Tamer GEN 3 configuration will encompass the following components:

  • Monitoring sensors installed at the battery racks to monitor off-gas events.
  • Reference sensors installed to monitor the ambient environment and air inlets to prevent false positive signals.
  • 1 or more hubs installed local to their respective zone of sensors.
  • Controller and Ethernet switch for aggregating sensor signals (optional PoE switches for distributing power to the system).

Why Choose Eurofyre?

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After-Sales Support
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