Hybrid Fire Detection For Banks


A bank is a financial institution authorised by the government which is open to the public to give individuals and businesses the opportunity to borrow or invest money, change their current money into a different currency or to open and close accounts for individuals and businesses to hold their funds.

As banks are open to the public and contain a lot of money, fire safety is paramount.

What are the Fire Risks Associated with Banks?

There are many fire risks associated with banks, including:

  • Visitors
    With many members of the public visiting banks each day, the safety of those inside becomes at risk as if a fire is to break out. Visitors may be unaware of the structure of the building and, therefore, how to evacuate as quickly and safely as possible.
  • Office Areas
    Many banks will have office areas and if they are to contain damaged equipment, particularly electrical equipment, the risk of fire increases. Damaged or faulty equipment can create sparks or excess heat that can easily catch onto flammable materials.
  • Overloading Electrical Outlets
    Overloading electrical outlets such as plug sockets and extension leads may cause them to overheat and, therefore, increase the risk of fire.

The Importance of a Reliable Fire System in the Banking Sector

As banks are heavily relied on, hold a large amount of money and offer public access, it is vital that reliable fire detection is in place. This will ensure customers and staff are alerted if a fire is to break out and will also prevent the building from sustaining too much damage.

What is the Solution?

Wi-Fyre gives hardwired and wireless technology the opportunity to operate side-by-side to form a hybrid fire detection solution. This means that wireless detection can be used in areas where access is limited or disruption needs to be kept to a minimum, and wired devices can be used to save cost where possible.

This hybrid solution is available with six, user-selectable modes of operation to provide increased compatibility with a range of different detection types:

  • Conventional
  • Addressable (Collective)
  • ProFyre 2-Wire Addressable
  • ProFyre Addressable
  • Standalone
  • Reflective

Wi-Fyre can be used as part of a new fire detection system or to extend or upgrade an existing system by installing a Wi-Fyre Transponder into the fire alarm wiring via a compatible interface module. Each transponder has the ability to communicate with up to thirty field devices, including; sounders, detectors, manual call points, and input/outputs modules.

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