Fire Alarm System for a high value Georgian Renovation


Eurofyre fire detection systems were recently supplied for the protection of a privately restored Georgian mansion and stables in the Newmarket, Suffolk area. The owner of the 3-floor property wanted to maintain the original aesthetics throughout the historic building, for which aspirating smoke detection provided the ideal solution for discrete area sampling. More traditional fire detectors were used in areas where aesthetics were less of a concern.

The installation was put together comprising of the following components:

EF-FT15 High Sensitivity Aspirating Smoke Detector

Aspirating Detection System in Georgian Renovation

The EF-FT15 is a flexible-sensitivity aspirating smoke detector that can identify the source of an incipient smoke incident – speeding response, enhancing investigation and minimizing business disruption and downtime.

The EF-FT15 detector is unique in the ability to pinpoint the source of smoke incident and locate the event, therefore minimizing investigation and downtime. This advanced detector provides intelligent addressability to identify up to 15 protected areas via microbore air sampling tubes with an unparalleled sensitivity ranging from 0.001% to 20% obsc/m (0.0003% to 6.1% obsc/ft).

How the EF-FT15 works

The EF-FT15 detector is a 15 channel microbore air sampling system with the ability to identify the location of an incident within a large area split into 15 sectors. Air is drawn from the protected area through a network of microbore flexible tubing (6 mm or 0.25 in). In the event that smoke particles are detected a TRACE alarm will be raised and the system will identify the sector, or sectors, with the smoke condition.

Properties such as exclusive homes often require discrete fire detection to compliment the interior design of the property. Depending upon application, pipes can be left open-ended or terminated with high quality, attractive, flush chrome-plated or colour coded sampling points. For further information, please download our EF-FT15 brochure.

ProFyre A2, 1 Loop, 126 Address Fire Alarm Control Panel

The ProFyre A2 system enables a control panel to be specified that meets the needs of the system design without having to purchase a panel that is essentially over-specified for the intended purpose and therefore is more expensive. The A2 is available in either, 64, 126 or 252 address combinations, all of which have automatic zone mapping and simple keyboard programming procedures… in fact there is no PC connection available or indeed needed!

All matching field devices have been designed with the installer in mind, making them easy and fast to install and address, all of which helps to make the A2 the simplest and most powerful analogue addressable system in its class.

ProFyre Addressable Devices

A range of addressable devices were used in areas such as the loft and basement areas where aesthetic looks were not a main concern. Devices such as addressable optical detectors, interface units and zone monitors were all installed. Sounders where hidden throughout the building in locations such as cupboards.

Please contact Eurofyre for further information on addressable devices.

ECO Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

The ECO gas detector combines aspirating smoke detection with gas detection. In this application it has been used with the existing microbore pipework of the EF-FT15 to actively sample air for the presence of smoke as well as carbon monoxide.

About Eurofyre

We supply a wide range of detection systems and associated safety products including aspirating smoke detectors, 2-wire fire alarm systems and conventional fire panels. For more information on any of the equipment used for this installation please do not hesitate to get in touch either by email to [email protected], by telephone on 01329 835 024 or through our online enquiry form.