Aspirating Smoke Detection System Design



The performance of an aspirating smoke detection system such as VESDA or ICAM systems is largely dependant on the design of the pipe network that is used to transport air from the protected areas to the detector.

Eurofyre, the UK distributor for the Xtralis VESDA, VESDA-E and ICAM range, have many technical advantages to offer, one of which is the ability to provide expert assistance with the design of an air sampling pipe network.

The software that Eurofyre use to design these systems is compatible with ICAM and VESDA and has been used by many system designers and installers for over 15 years. It provides the necessary tools to speed up the design process and ensure optimum network performance and installation quality. This software creates designs that are easy to implement and generates a list of all the components required and an Installation Data pack providing all the information needed to complete the installation.

Eurofyre Supplied System Benefits

Fast Pipe Network Design Using the Pipe design wizard: We can quickly transcribe your pipe network design. Adding fittings such as pipe, elbows or sampling points as we tweak the design to suit. The software allows full flexibility in placement of any network components. For example, extra elbows can be introduced to direct the pipe around a ceiling beam. Once the layout is established, we enter the recommended performance criteria for the pipe network e.g. transport time, sensitivity etc. and using the Auto Balance function the software will automatically calculate sampling hole sizes (to suit the drill bit sizes you specify). Alternatively, we can manually set the hole sizes and review the predicted system performance.

The ability to save environmental design parameters: One of the great time-saving features of the pipe design wizard is the ability to save environmental design parameters for particular applications. For example, certain applications require specific transport time and sampling hole pressures or certain environments have specific conditions such as low temperatures. These parameters can be saved and used in later projects.

Detailed Installation Pack: Once Eurofyre have received an order for the aspirating smoke detection system, our technical team will issue the installation data pack which includes a series of reports that list the parameters, required materials and expected system performance. The data & diagrams from the installation pack can be printed or cut and pasted into other programs such as Microsoft Excel for further calculations or Microsoft Word for client reports, all of which are very useful when handing the installation over the to end-user.