Key Features

  • Designed to meet UL864 10th Edition requirements
  • Peer-to-peer networking
  • Comprehensive cross-network cause & effect
  • Up to 64 panels can be networked together
  • Can be configured with either a ring or bus topology


The Velocity Network Module can monitor, indicate and control the functions of a fire alarm installation remotely and share data around a large site. The network can accommodate up to 64 nodes and uses RS485 data communication. The Velocity Network supports upto 10km of cable length and all panels will continue to function in stand-alone mode if the network fails.

When running in a network, all events are reported to all Velocity MMP panels and all panels can remotely program the other panels on the network.


All components in the Velocity range are UL certified and comply with the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 864 Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems 10th Edition.

Tech Specs

Design StandardUL864 10th Edition
ApprovalUL Laboratories
Communication ProtocolRS485
Maximum Network Size64 Nodes
Maximum Distance Between Nodes1km (using a screened data cable) 100m (using a standard fireproof cable)
Network Wiring TopologiesBus
Ring (recommended)
Operating Temperature0°C (32°F) to 49°C (120°F)
Max Humidity93% Non-Condensing
Size (W x H x D)57mm x 105mm x 47mm
Recommended CableBelden Screened Data Cable



Velocity Network Module

Velocity Network Module

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