Key Features

  • Supports up to 12 SLC modules
  • 254 Velocity devices per SLC
  • Modular construction allows custom specification
  • Capacity for up to 26 intelligent modules
  • 254 available programmable zones


The Velocity MMP/26 is a powerful analogue addressable fire alarm control panel that is well suited to any project; from multi-site commercial developments through to industrial applications. These unique and sophisticated fire alarm panels can be expanded using an array of modular components, can support complex cause and effect programming and have a wide range of user controllable functions making them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Velocity fire alarm control panels can also be configured into a fully functioning conventional panel using multiple VL-ZMA and VL-ZMB modules.

Installation is quick and easy and addressable devices use soft addressing programmed using the VDOT-AD2 handheld programming tool. This also helps reduce the potential for error and installation time associated with traditional hard addressing.

The Velocity MMP/26 can operate as part of a networked system of up to 64 panels, peer-to-peer or as a standalone panel. Powerful programming options allow the user to control whether messages from specific panels are transmitted around the network or only show locally.

Every component in the Velocity range has been designed to operate as part of a Velocity UL listed system providing assurance that the interfaces, detectors, NAC device and panels are all fully compatible with each other.

Panel Modules

Velocity MMP/26 fire alarm panels can be customised with a variety of modular components to make them suitable for almost any application. Modules currently available include:

  • VL-SLC – Signalling Line Circuit Module

    The VL-SLC module provides power for and handles communications with analogue addressable devices.

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  • VL-ZMA – Zone Monitor Module, Class A

    The VL-ZMA is a three zone module. This module has three class A zone monitors which can be used for conventional detectors that are not available in addressable form.

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  • VL-ZMB – Zone Monitor Module, Class B

    This is a six zone class B module. It has six class B zone monitors which can be used to monitor conventional devices and/or for special detectors that are not available in an addressable option.

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  • VL-NCA – Notification Appliance Circuit Module, Class A

    This module provides power for, and handles communications to, non-addressable notification appliances. The VL-NCA has one notification appliance circuit that can be wired in class A configuration.

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  • VL-NCB – Notification Appliance Circuit Module, Class B

    This module also provides power for, and handles communications to, non-addressable notification appliances but has two notification appliance circuits that can be wired in class B configuration.

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  • VL-MIM – Multi Input Module, Class B

    The VL-MIM has six class B inputs that are commonly used to monitor and raise alarms from any ancillary equipment such as sprinkler flow switches, aspiration detectors, secondary fire alarm control panels, beam detectors, external power supplies and more.

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  • VL-MRM – Relay Module, Form C

    The VL-MRM relay module has three form C relays which are typically used to control lift operation, fire pumps or ventilation fans in the event of a fire.

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  • VL-NWM – Network Module

    The Velocity VL-NWM network module accommodates up to 64 nodes. It is used to monitor, indicate and control the functions of a fire alarm installation and allows signals to be distributed around large sites.

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  • VL-MBM – Modbus Module

    The VL-MBM modbus module is used to link the Velocity fire alarm panel to a building management system (BMS) to control ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems and security systems in the event of a fire.

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  • VL-232 – RS232 (Printer) Module

    The VL-232 module gives a Velocity panel the ability to interface to RS232 serial equipment and devices. This is most commonly used to connect the Velocity MMP to an RS232 panel printer or a desktop printer for real time event log printing.

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  • VL-LAN – TCP/IP Module

    The VL-LAN TCP/IP module enables the fire alarm panel to be remotely monitored via the Zeta Smart Remote mobile application.

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Additional Features

  • 4.3” colour touch screen display
  • Full system redundancy
  • Connection to TCP/IP module
  • Extensive day/night mode programming
  • Full cause & effect programming via front panel or the Velocity Connect PC Software
  • 8032 Events Log
  • Up to 64 panel peer-to-peer network
  • Positive alarm sequence
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Alarm verification
  • Mains trouble output delay of up to 240 minutes
  • NAC special application 24V mode
  • 400W power supply
  • Optional panel door printer and 64 zone LED expansion card available


All components in the Velocity range are UL certified and comply with the requirements of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 864 Control Units and Accessories for Fire Alarm Systems 10th Edition.

Tech Specs

Max Module Capacity26
Zones254 Zones
Maximum Event Log8032 Logs
Software ProgrammingTouchscreen LCD or Velocity Connect PC Software
Display4.3” Resistive Touch Screen. 480 x 272 Pixel Resolution
LED Indicators1 Red (1 x Alarm)
1 Green (Power)
10 Yellow (1 x Supervisory, 1 x Trouble, 1 x Alarm Silenced, 1 x Controls Active, 1 x NAC Active, 1 x General Disablement, 1 x General Test, 1 x NAC Trouble/Disablement, 1 x NAC Delay, 1 x CPU Trouble)
Button ControlsSilence Alarm, Ack, Scroll, Reset, Drill 
Alarm Output(C,NO,NC)
Contact Rating: 125V AC @ 0.5A / 30V DC @ 1A
Trouble OutputNormally Energised (C,NO,NC)
Contact Rating: 125V AC @ 0.5A / 30V DC @ 1A
Maximum Network Size64 Nodes
Maximum Distance Between Nodes1KM
Mains AC Supply Voltage240/120 V AC
Mains AC Supply Frequency50/60 Hz
Power Supply DC Rating30V DC 15A
Battery Voltage24V DC
Battery Charge Current2.2A (Max)
Battery Capacity (Supervised)2 x 65Ah, 12V DC Sealed Lead Acid (Max)
NAC Voltage29VDC Nominal (19V – 29V) 
NAC Maximum Current1A (VL-NCA) / 500mA Per Circuit (VL-NCB)
NAC Maximum Line Resistance1.8Ω Total (VL-NCA) / 3.6Ω Total (VL-NCB)
NAC Wiring ClassClass A (VL-NCA) & Class B (VL-NCB) [Power limited & Supervised] 
NAC Special ApplicationsAuxiliary 24V DC Output [Power limited & Unsupervised]
SLC Rated Voltage35V DC Nominal (24V – 39V)
SLC Maximum Current500mA
SLC Maximum Device Capacity254 Addresses
SLC Maximum Line Resistance50Ω (200mA) / 20Ω (500mA)
SLC Maximum Capacitance100nF
SLC Wiring ClassWiring Class Class X or Class A [Power limited & Supervised]
Dimensions  (W x H x D)975mm x 665mm x 200mm
Cable Entries112
Operating Temperature0°C (32°F) to 49°C (120°F)
Relative Humidity93% Non-Condensing



Velocity MMP/26 Fire Alarm Panel

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Velocity MMP/26 Fire Alarm Panel, Zone LED Expansion

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Velocity MMP/26 Fire Alarm Panel, Printer & VL-232

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Velocity MMP/26 Fire Alarm Panel, Printer & VL-232, Zone LED Expansion

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