Temporary Wireless Fire Detection



Fire is one of the biggest dangers to life on construction sites. Therefore, it is necessary by law to have a suitable fire detection system in place. A temporary wireless fire detection system can provide a solution that not only meets all the necessary requirements but is also easy to install, operate, maintain and decommission when it is no longer needed. 

A typical temporary fire detection solution will consist of wireless manual call points with built-in strobes and sounders. These devices can wirelessly integrate with one another and a base station can be incorporated to provide a more unified solution. When used indoors, temporary wireless alarms can also benefit from heat and smoke detectors.

When an alarm is raised, the incorporated sounders raise an audible alarm while powerful LED strobes provide a visual alert. Text alerts can also be delivered in the event of an alarm, alerting select personnel if they are not in the vicinity. This personnel also have the ability to silence the system using a unique code.

An alarm can also automatically trigger turnstiles to rotate freely, aiding the evacuation process.

Choosing the Right Fire Alarm System for a Construction Site

The end goal of a fire detection system for a construction site is to get all personnel to safety in the event of a fire. However, as construction sites are a work in progress, they do not yet benefit from a fixed detection solution.

One of the biggest challenges a construction site faces is that it is continually changing. At each phase of the construction, different requirements are presented; the constant repositioning of call points, detectors and sounders are likely and the addition of new floors, walls, boarding out or plastering makes it nigh on impossible to use a wired solution.

Therefore, when choosing a fire alarm system for a construction site there are significant advantages to selecting a wireless solution that has been specifically designed for the construction industry.

It is also important to consider the legal requirements for protecting a construction site from fire. The Fire Protection Association’s (FPA) 9th edition of The Joint Code of Practice (JCOP) reinforces the need for construction site fire alarm systems to meet BS EN54. Version 9 of JCOP now contains the advice: Components of automatic fire detection and alarm systems should be marked as complying with EN 54 (paragraph 13.8). Therefore, the chosen system – the complete system and every unit in the system, must be tested to the relevant part of EN54.

The Advantages of a Temporary Wireless Fire Detection System

Temporary wireless fire detection systems provide a flexible solution that can be scaled up and down as required without the addition or removal of cables or any other additional work. Complete, battery operated detection systems can be constructed very quickly and modified whenever and wherever necessary as the building progresses. All this, combined with high power RF technology, makes them ideal for large building sites. 

When the system is no longer needed, it can be simply dismantled and used again and again at different locations. 

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