Li-ion Tamer Controller


Key Features

  • Early warning of Lithium-ion battery failures
  • Compatible with all Lithium-ion battery form factors and chemistries
  • Reduction/removal of false positive signals 
  • Highly reliable output signal  
  • Calibration-free


Li-ion Tamer rack monitoring systems provide an early warning of battery failure. These detection systems are able to detect battery failure at the earliest possible time by monitoring for off-gassing events. Off-gassing occurs at the early stages of battery failure and is followed by thermal runaway which eventually leads to fire. By detecting the presence of off-gas within a battery rack, battery failures can be quickly located and dealt with before the battery catches fire and causes further damage. 

Monitoring sensors are installed within the battery racks and reference sensors are installed outside of the battery rack to monitor the ambient environment. The Li-ion Tamer controller is installed in a separate location to the batteries and monitors the signals from both sets of sensors to provide fast and reliable detection of failure while mitigating nuisance alarms.

The controller has two types of communication protocols: digital outputs and Modbus serial communication. Both protocols report if a monitoring sensor has been activated. They can also report which monitor has been activated, allowing the user to quickly locate the rack that has reported the off-gas event.

Up to 12 monitor sensors and 3 reference sensors can be monitored by each Li-ion Tamer controller. 


Please ensure the entire turntable is visible on your screen in order for it to play.


Li-ion Tamer controllers are ETL listed to UL61010 and CASA 22.2 No.61010 for products safety, are EN61326 certified for EU directive (2014/30/EU) and are RoHS 3 EU 2015/863 compliant.

Tech Specs

Dimensions (W x H x D)210mm x 63mm x 113mm
Input power range8 – 28 VDC
Max sensors per controller15
System outputsDigital Outputs/Modbus
Controller (no sensors) Power Consumption2.4 W (@ 24VDC)1.4 W (@ 12 VDC)
Sensor Power Consumption275 mW (@ 5 VDC)
Controller (fullypopulated, 15 sensors) Power Consumption6.6 W (@ 24 VDC)5.6 W (@ 12 VDC)
Fuse Rating3.5A
Baud rate9600
Parity None
Stop bit One
HardwareRS232 3-wire (TX, RX, ground)
Target lifetime> 10 years
Warranty 1 year
Target gasesLithium ion battery off-gassingcompounds
Min. detection threshold< 1 ppm/sec
Response time5 seconds
Fault detectionSingle cell failure
Temperature-10 to +60°C
Humidity5 to 95% RH
Max temperature change8.6oC/min
Output Connector type2 x 10-pin Molex
Signal type Digital
Signal level, normal HIGH, 8 – 28 VDCHIGH, 8 – 28 VDC(Input voltage) 100mA max per channel
Signal level, alarmLOW, ~0 VDC



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