FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller


Key Features

  • Supports two zones of up to 1,000m
  • EN54-28:2016 approved
  • Provides accurate location of overheat event
  • Full fault monitoring
  • CE marked


The FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller is a dual zone module that can monitor up to two zones of FyreLine EN54 Fixed Linear Heat Detection (LHD) Cable. The FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller continuously monitors up to two zones of fixed LHD cable for a fault (open circuit) or an alarm (overheat or fire condition).

If an overheat or fire situation is triggered, the FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller unit sends a signal to the fire alarm control panel and automatically calculates and displays the distance along the cable to the alarm point, giving the end user the exact location of the event.

The unit is intended to be installed between the Fixed Linear Heat Detection Cable and a conventional or addressable fire alarm control panel. Each zone can operate independently or in interlock mode and a separate alarm and normally conducting fault output, along with status lights, are provided for each zone. 

The FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller may also be connected to an industrial process control  or Building Management System (BMS) using the two-wire RS-485 Modbus RTU/ASCII output.

To comply with EN 54-28, the FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller must be used with FyreLine EN54 Fixed EOL and FyreLine EN54 Fixed LSZH LHD Cable.

FyreLine EN54 Heat Sensing Cable is available with a temperature rating of either 78°C or 88°C and with an optional stainless steel, braided outer sheath for additional protection. Messenger wire can also be included to aid installation in areas which may be difficult to access, have large spans to cover or where fixing the cable at the normal recommended spacing would be too difficult or time consuming.

Alarm Distance Location

If an overheat or fire event triggers either zone of the Fixed LHD Cable, the FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller automatically calculates and displays the distance along the cable, in feet and metres, to the alarm point. 

Operating Modes

FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controllers can be configured to operate in one of two different modes:

Independent Mode

In independent mode, the FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller operates as a two-zone system. When a fault or overheat occurs on one of the zones, the corresponding fault or alarm output is triggered. Each zone operates independently, each with their own sets of outputs. 

In this mode, the two zones can either contain identical rated temperature Fixed LHD Cables or two different rated temperature Fixed LHD Cables.

Interlock Mode

Interlock mode provides a fail-safe guarantee that an alarm is only triggered when an overheat condition is detected (also known as coincidence detection). In this mode, a separate cable, with the same temperature rating, is connected to each zone. An alarm is only triggered when both zones register an overheat event, thus preventing an alarm if a mechanical or other issue has triggered one Fixed LHD Cable and not an overheat condition.


Leader Cable

Leader cable (non-sensing cable) can be used in situations where the control unit is positioned some distance away from the area that is to be protected by FyreLine EN54 heat sensing cable.

Modbus Output

The FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller includes a two-wire RS-485 Modbus output, an industry standard, signalling protocol used to communicate information between components in a system, which can be enabled to output the status of each zone of Fixed Linear Heat Detection Cable.

FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller’s Modbus output also allows the unit to be integrated with an industrial process control system or Building Management System (BMS).



EN54-28 is the European Standard for non-resettable line-type heat detectors that consist of a sensing element that uses electrical sensor cable. It specifies the requirements and performance criteria; and the corresponding test methods. This European Standard also covers non-resettable line-type heat detectors intended for use in the local protection of plant and equipment.

Please note: to comply with EN 54-28, the FyreLine EN54 Fixed Controller, FyreLine FyreLine EN54 Fixed EOL and FyreLine EN54 Fixed LSZH LHD Cable must be used as a complete system.

All products in the FyreLine EN54 range are approved for use within the European Economic Area (EEA) and comply with the EU’s New Approach Directives and show the CE mark to indicate that they fulfil the requirements of relevant European product directives; meet all the requirements of the relevant recognised European harmonised performance and safety standards; and are fit for purpose and will not endanger lives or property.

Tech Specs

UL Model NumberFLDC-EN54
UL File NumberS36489
Dimensions (W x H x D)120mm x 180mm x 60.5mm (4.72” x 7.08” x 2.38”)
RatingNEMA 4, 4X (IP65)*1
FinishLight grey with clear lid
Display2 lines, 16 character back-lit display showing zone status
Power RequirementsAll circuits power limited if powered from a power limited supply
Operating Voltage12V DC, 24V DC 36V DC
Current Consumption Normal Operation (Standby) @ 12V<15mA
Current Consumption Normal Operation (Standby) @ 24V<7mA
Current Consumption Normal Operation (Standby) @ 36V<5mA
Current Consumption Alarm @ 12V<40mA
Current Consumption Alarm @ 24V<23mA 
Current Consumption Alarm @ 36V<15mA
Operating Temperature Range-20ºC to +50ºC (-4ºF to +122ºF)*2
Terminal Block Spacing5mm Rising Clamp
Terminal Block Rating16A
Wire Size0.08mm² (28AWG) to 4mm² (11AWG)
Supervised CircuitsPower, Input Zone 1 & Input Zone 2
InputsUp to two Class B zones of FyreLine EN54 Fixed LHD Cable
Max Zone Length1,000m (3,280ft)
Min Zone Length1m (3,2ft)
End of Line Resistor3.6kohm (included)
Short Circuit Current0.5mA
Max Voltage5V
Communications OutputTwo wire RS-485 Modbus RTU/ASCII
Sounder2.4kHz 92dBa @ 10cm Buzzer
Alarm Output2 x Form C volt-free relay contacts (resistive, common)
Max V: 30V AC or 42.4V DC
Max Current: 2A
Max Switching Power: 60W, 62.5VA
Fault2 x Optoisolated photo-transistor output (resistive, common)
Max V: 35V DC
Max Current: 80mA
Max Power Dissipation: 150mW0



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