FyreLine Analogue Linear Heat Detection



The FyreLine Analogue Heat Detector is a rugged, easy-to-install detection system, consisting of a control module and detection cable, that is designed to interface with a standard fire alarm panel or addressable monitor module.

Heat sensing cables are capable of detecting heat anywhere along their length and designed for use in a vast range of applications and environments from tunnels, cable trays, racking to sensing changes in temperature within escalators and other applications where many risks of fire are hidden from view. Linear heat detection is highly cost-effective and can be easily installed with, or in place of, conventional heat detectors where traditional style detection may be difficult to install or maintain or is too expensive.

FyreLine Analogue Heat Detectors automatically compensate for changes in ambient temperature to maintain the accuracy of the alarm temperature and offer up to 500 metres of continuous detection per control module. This flexibility makes FyreLine Analogue Heat detectors extremely flexible for use in a wide range of applications.

How Does Linear Heat Detection Work?

When the temperature around the cable reaches pre-alarm temperature the control module triggers a warning, giving the user time to investigate and take any necessary action. The control module will only trigger full alarm when the temperature reaches a specified alarm point.

After an alarm is triggered the system can simply be reset with little disruption. FyreLine Analogue Linear Heat Detection cable is ‘self-restorable’ so does not need to be replaced unless it has become severely damaged.

Fire Alarm System Integration

The analogue linear heat detection control module can be connected directly to a single zone of a conventional fire alarm control panel, or, easily interfaced to an addressable loop using an addressable zone/switch monitor.

Sensing Cable Construction

FyreLine Analogue Linear Heat Detection cable is constructed using a pair of copper conductors coated in a temperature sensitive polymer whose resistance changes as a function of temperature. A calibration resistance (white) and average ambient temperature sensor (red) core are twisted with the two original conductors. A foil shield, outer sheath and optional protective coating is extruded over the twisted cores.

Wiring Configurations

Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

FyreLine Analogue Linear Heat Detection Cable should be connected to a conventional fire alarm control panel via the initiating device circuit.

In the circumstance that the area to be protected is some distance away, leader cable may be used between the FyreLine control module and the fire alarm control panel.

Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

When using FyreLine Analogue Linear Heat Detection in conjunction with an addressable fire alarm system it should be connected onto the addressable loop using a switch or zone monitor. An external power supply is needed for the FyreLine control module.