Standalone Carbon Monoxide Detector


Key Features

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  • Loud 85dB Alarm
  • Power, Fault & Alarm Indicator
  • Two Phases Alarms
  • Test/Silence Function
  • Concentration LED Display
  • Mains/DC Power Selectable


The Standalone CO Detector has been designed with the same dimensions as a standard 2 gang fitting, so it can be installed either surface mounted with it’s own backbox, or with a standard recessed box for semi-flush mounting.

The unit can be powered either from 230V AC mains, or from a DC supply (9-28V DC).

It has a built in bar graph display to show the current CO level reading, and has a 2 stage relay output which operates at first alarm level (100ppm) & second alarm level (200ppm). There is also a 5 volt alarm output capable of supplying 200mA.

Power, fault & alarm indications are provided, as well as a control button for mute (press) and reset (press & hold for 5 seconds).

Tech Specs

Part No


Supply Voltage

230V @50/60Hz AC or 9 -28V DC

Quiescent Current


Start-up Current


Alarm Current

300mA (excluding Alarm output)

Buzzer Output

85dB @ 3m

Operating Temperature

0ºC to 50ºC

Max. Humidity

95% RH N/C

Response Time

 Less than 30 seconds


50 ppm within 90 minutes

100 ppm within 30 minutes

300 ppm within 3 minutes

Size (W x H x D)

150mm x 90mm x 70mm


1 kg

Part Codes

38-016Standalone Carbon Monoxide Detector