EF-GasNet Addressable Gas Monitoring System


Key Features

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  • Up to 32 addressable sensors
  • Automatic safety check diagnostics/system surveillance
  • Conventional 3 core or single 4 core sensor network
  • Front panel push button function adjustment
  • Continuous display of operating conditions


Gas Net has been designed to operate in the full range of environments from commercial premises through to heavy industrial applications which may require hazardous area sensing. Typical monitor locations are – public buildings, car parks, tunnels, breweries, boiler plant rooms, water treatment works, H&V control, manufacturing, process plants, horticulture, hotels, and offices.


Each gas sensor continuously monitors the atmosphere, reporting any hazardous conditions to the control unit, for display by the alpha numeric screen indicating the reporting sensor, gas type, concentration and alarm status. Alarm levels that are exceeded will automatically activate a variety of signal outputs including analogue/digital data and user selectable relays.

The Gas Net system operates on a single 4-core cable network and has the capacity to monitor up to 32 addressable sensors of various gas types. Larger systems offering unlimited sensors can be achieved using multiple Gas Nets housed in a 19” rack based system. The Gas Net is supplied ready to use with pre-calibrated gas sensors and provides for additional sensors that can be easily added to any point of the network. When local indication/alarm functions are required, any number of Snoop remote alarm panels may be connected, offering repeat functions of the main panel.

Additional Features

  • Sensor reading – peak hold
  • Versatile sensor configuration
  • One man calibration utilising data storage
  • Sensors easily removed or added
  • Low cost installation
  • Programming – secondary access code protection
  • Three alarm trip points
  • 16 user selectable alarm relays

Tech Specs

Sensor points

1 – 32


Combustible Gas – L.E.L., % vol

Toxic Gas – ppm, % vol

Oxygen – % vol – Depletion/Enrichment

Refrigerant – Alarm

Any 4 – 20mA transmitter

Power Consumption

230/115v AC or 24v DC

Control unit – 7.5w quiescent 17w full alarm condition

Sensor – 2.5w

Indicators – control unit

Dot matrix liquid crystal display 4 lines indicating:- sensor address, gas type, concentration (rising or falling), peak hold, alarm status, system fault, sensor fault, line fault, relay inhibit

Power – Twin Green L.E.D’s

larm – Twin Red L.E.D’s

Fault – Twin Amber L.E.D’s


16 Relays user selectable. S.P.C.O.

Relay 1 pre-set – Common low alarm (1st alarm stage)

Relay 2 pre-set – Common high alarm (2nd alarm stage)

Relay 3 pre-set – Common over-range alarm (3rd alarm stage)

Fault – Common relay 17- S.P.C.O. N/E – N/D option

Mains fail relay – S.P.C.O. N/E

All contacts rated @ 5A-230v AC

Relays 1-16 user selectable normally energised or de-energised, latched or unlatched

Relays 1-16 user selectable for any arrangement of sensor zone

9 way D type socket for RS232 communication

General alarm relay – resetable S.P.C.O.

Internal audible alarms

Alarm/Fault – permanent mute option

Outputs – sensor safe area

Relay D.P.C.O. N/D

Optional digital display card, internal alarm LED and sounder

Sensor Cable

Main network – 4 core (2 power – 2 comms) 1.5mm2 screened max length 1km

Outstation – 3 core 1.5mm2 screened max length 1km


Control unit – IP52 option IP65

Operating temperature -10 + 50˚C

Humidity -0 to 90RH


Enclosure cable entry – bottom, rear, top

Alarm relays – automatic inhibit during service periods


310W x 265H x 75D mm (Weight:- 4.9Kg)

Option – front cover lock

Option – standby power supply

Snoop Panel

4 relays user selectable D.P.C.O. sensor zoning and voting

4 analogue outputs 4~20mA selectable for any sensor combination


200W x 120H x 60D mm (Weight:- 0.55Kg)

Part Codes

130-100Gasnet Control Unit
200-003Auxiliary Power Supply 11A@24vDC, (20 to 32 Sensors) 11A @ 24v DC
200-005Auxiliary Power Supply 2.5A@24vDC, (Booster) 2.5A
130-500Gasnet Snoop Box
007-310Battery Backup Unit
135-012Gasnet Data Logging Kit, Software + Comms Upgrade IC + PC Lead
135-001Gasnet Control Unit, 19″ 3U rack 1-32 Enclosure
135-002Gasnet Control Unit, 19″ 6U rack 1-64 Enclosure
135-003Gasnet Control Unit, 19″ 9U rack 1-96 Enclosure
135-004Gasnet Control Unit, 19″ 12U rack 1-128 Enclosure
135-005Gasnet Control Unit, 19″ 15U rack 1-160 Enclosure
135-011Gasnet 19″ 3U Chassis Tray, Motherboard, Front Panel + Label