X-Series Battery Powered Wireless Module


Key Features

  • 10 year life and warranty
  • Interconnects all X-Series smoke, heat and CO alarms
  • Easy network setup
  • Maintenance free
  • Simple wireless network test


Honeywell’s X-Series battery powered wireless module (XW100) allows all other devices in the X-Series range to interconnect wirelessly. It offers simple installation and setup and has been designed to meet the requirements of housing associations and large, private households.

The X-Series wireless module has been designed for use by professional alarm fitters or safety-conscious homeowners that wish to create a networked safety solution in residential properties.

X-Series XW100 wireless modules offer a vast range of benefits including:

  • A full 10-year lifespan and warranty
  • Tamper-proof, sealed casing
  • Cost effective operation
  • Zero maintenance
  • Easy installation
  • Simple setup
  • Easy testing
  • 3rd party certification by BSI
  • Sealed housing to protect from adverse environmental conditions
  • Clearly visible status indication

The Advantages of Interconnecting the X-Series Range with the Wireless Module?

Interconnecting X-Series alarms, using the X-Series wireless module, allows all alarms to sound when one detects danger, this provides an advanced warning of fire and gives occupants time to evacuate a building safely.

Honeywell’s wireless module uses a flood type network which ensures that all interconnected alarms send and receive information to and from each alarm in the network. This greatly reduces the amount the time it takes for each alarm to sound.

Wirelessly connected alarms have added benefits when occupants are in a different room to the source of danger and cannot see or hear the alarm that is present in that room. Interconnected alarms increase the chance of people hearing an alarm from elsewhere in the property by sending a signal to all alarms on the network; this means that as long as the occupant is near any of the alarms present, they will have an increased chance of hearing an alarm and getting to safety.

Minimal Installation and Configuration

X-Series wireless modules are extremely easy to install and simply click into X-Series alarms. Once in place configuration is carried out with a simple click of a button. X-Series wireless modules are also completely maintenance free.

Tech Specs

Self TestEvery 60 minutes
Lifetime And Warranty10 years
Operating Temperature Range-10°C to +55°C
HumidityUp to 95% (non-condensing) at 40°C
Power SupplyNon-replaceable, long-life lithium battery
Visual IndicatorBlue indicates network connection during setup
XW100XHoneywell X-Series Battery Powered Wireless Module, 10 Year Life