Domestic Smoke, Heat & CO Alarms



Honeywell X-Series smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms offer a complete residential safety system. Each battery powered device has a lifespan of either seven or ten years and provides reliable, maintenance-free protection.

X-Series alarms are designed to suit the needs of anyone from professional landlords to the safety conscious homeowner and can be wirelessly interconnected via Honeywell’s wireless plug-in module for increased protection.

X-Series Range

All devices in the X-Series range are highly reliable, and carry out regular automatic self-checks to ensure maximum efficiency. They are all tamper-proof sealed units with a sealed battery lasting up to ten years.

The X-Series range includes:

Smoke and Heat Alarms
X-Series Smoke and Heat alarms all have a ten-year lifespan and warranty. They have been designed to be discreet, yet have a sleek and modern appearance. They are easy to install and are available in three types:
XS100 Smoke Alarm – ideal for use in bedrooms and living areas.
XH100 Heat Alarm – ideal for use in kitchens and garages.
XS100T Optical Thermal Smoke Alarm – ideal for escape routes, bedrooms and living areas.
CO Alarms
X-Series CO alarms have a seven to ten-year lifespan and warranty. They all provide both alarm and pre-alarm warnings as well as fault and power indicators. There are three types of CO alarm available in the range:
XC70 CO alarm – an entry level CO alarm with a seven-year lifespan and warranty.
XC100 CO alarm – provides a unique prominent alarm message and has a ten-year lifespan and warranty.
XC100D CO alarm – provides a unique and prominent alarm as well as a multifunction CO level and display and has a ten-year lifespan and warranty.
Wireless Module
The X-Series Wireless module allows all other X-Series devices to interconnect wirelessly, providing an advanced warning and increased protection. The X-Series Wireless module also has a ten-year lifespan and warranty and is easy to install.

Create an Interconnected System with the X-Series Wireless Module

All devices in the X-Series range can be wirelessly interconnected using Honeywell’s wireless plug-in module. This means that when one of the alarms detects an issue, all of the connected alarms will sound, providing an advanced warning and more time to investigate the alarm or evacuate the building.

Why Choose Honeywell?

Honeywell is a leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial gas and fire detection systems. Honeywell has applied over twenty-years of gas detection expertise to not only develop the first residential CO alarm but has also become a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of CO alarms.

Honeywell’s home safety range is ideal for both professionals and homeowners dealing with residential smoke, heat and gas safety and combines high-performance monitoring capabilities with convenient functionality.