VESDA-E Filter


Key Features

  • Easy swap replacement filter
  • Suitable for use with VESDA-E VEP, VES and VEU detectors
  • Available singly or in packs of 20


VESDA-E Detectors use a two-stage filter to remove contaminants from the sampled air and protect the optical surfaces inside the detection chamber.

VESDA-E filters are installed inside the detector’s housing and are intended for single use and should be replaced at least every two years. However, in areas with significant air pollution, the filter may need to be replaced more regularly – this should be determined based on information provided by the detector.

Providing the system is configured correctly, the detector will report a fault if the dust meter exceeds the programmed limit. The system will also provide a reminder to change the filter based on the date in which the filter was first installed and other data in the detector configuration.

How to Replace a VESDA-E Filter

Firstly, open the door at the left-hand side of the detector by inserting the tool provided into the small opening at the bottom left.

Once the door springs open, you will see the yellow VSP-962 filter on the right-hand side. Place your thumb at the front of the filter and push down on the tab. You can then pivot the filter to the left-hand side (in a hinge-like motion) and remove the filter from the detector. The aspirator will automatically cut out once the filter is removed.

To install the new VSP-962 filter, locate the hinge back into the detector housing and clip it back into place by gently rotating it to the right. Once the filter is installed correctly, you will hear the aspirator start up again.

Once the new filter has been successfully installed, simply close the door and push firmly to lock it closed.


VESDA-E filters are compatible with the following detectors:



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