VESDA-E VEA 40-Relay Local StaX


Key Features

  • 40 individual relays
  • Each relay responds to a smoke event located on one tube of the detector
  • Provides mounting of mini loop modules inside enclosure
  • IP40 enclosure
  • Easy mounting with optional steel support bracket


The VESDA-E VEA Local Relay StaX enables alarm location signalling from the detector via relays and enables the mounting of fire loop input modules inside the enclosure. It is directly powered and controlled by the detector. Each Relay StaX provides up to 40 relay connections corresponding to 40 tubes on the VEA detector providing full addressability.


The Relay StaX features an IP40 rated enclosure. The Relay StaX is the same size as the VEA detector, making it easy to use. It can be placed either above or below the detector. The spacer is supplied to precisely align the Local Relay StaX mounting bracket with the detector mounting bracket, and the same spacer is used to provide appropriate space in the event of direct mounting to the wall. The Relay StaX is fully supported by the Xtralis VSC software package for commissioning and maintenance.

How it Works

When an alarm is detected by the VESDA-E VEA detector, it scans to determine which tubes have smoke present. The Relay StaX turns on the relay corresponding to each tube where smoke has been detected.

Relay MappingRelays 1 to 40 correspond to tubes 1 to 40 for the detector
LatchingThe Relay StaX latching will follow the alarm latching configuration of the detector


The VESDA-E VEA Local Relay StaX is fully approved by VdS for safe use and installation in any European Union country and bears the CE mark to show that it complies with all the applicable Directives including the CPR, EMC and the Low Voltage Directive (LVD).

EN54-20:2006 + AC:2008 – Fire detection and fire alarm systems – Control and indicating equipment.

Tech Specs

Supply Voltage18 to 30Vdc (24Vdc Nominal)
Power Consumption @ 24VDCAverage Quiescent: 20mA
Average Alarm: 250mA
Dimensions (W x H x D)352.05mm x 340.5mm x 135.5mm (13.9 in x 13.4 in x 5.3 in)
Weight5.1kg (11.22 lbs)
Operating ConditionsAmbient: 0°C to 39°C (32°F to 102°F)
Tested to: 0°C to 49°C (32°F to 120°F)*
Humidity: 10% to 95% RH, non-condensing
Storage Conditions (Non-operational)Humidity: Dry (<95%)
Temperature: 0° to 85°C
Must not be exposed to sunlight or other radiation sources
Relays40 relays
Contacts rated 2A @ 30Vdc (Resistive) Programmable to latch or not latch
IP RatingIP40 (not UL tested)
Cable Access4 x 25 mm (1”) cable entries
Cable TerminationScrew terminal blocks (0.2-1.5 sq mm, 24-16 AWG

*Product UL Listed between 0°C to 39°C (32°F to 102°F)



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